Preparation of Beverage Containers

In order to serve you faster and pay you properly for each material, please sort your materials at your convenience before arriving at the recycling center. Please bring your materials clean and dry. Otherwise, we reserve the right to reduce payments and/or take other customers first.


Aluminum cans must be clean, dry & free of any contamination. Do not mix with any aluminum foil, cat food cans or any other aluminum product. You can bring those in a separate bag.


Plastic must be separated by plastic types and into CRV & Non-CRV. CRV plastics include most ready-to-drink beverage containers. Non-CRV beverage Plastic #1 (PET), and Plastic #2 (HDPE) that is opaque such as milk jugs will be recycled but we do not pay for them due to their low values.


Please sort glass by color: Clear, Brown and Green. Separate CRV & Non-CRV. Please be aware that, windshields, pane glass, mirrors, Pyrex, light bulbs & ceramic objects are not recyclable.

What is "CRV ?"

There is "CRV" deposit on containers of most ready-to-drink beverages such as water, soda, beer, ice tea, etc.  They should be labeled CRV, CA Redemption Value or CA Cash Refund.

Non-CRV containers should not be mixed with CRV containers. We do not pay for Non-CRV containers such as milk, wine, liquor, nutritional supplements, 100% fruit juice in containers 46 ounces or more, vegetable juice above 16 ounce (partial list).   You do not pay CRV deposit on those items when you purchase them, thus we can not pay CRV back.

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State Certified. We comply with all government regulations.

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